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Who Are You, Online?

Maybe you don’t spend a lot of time using social media. Or, maybe you do a lot, posting every day on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and more. Or, you could be doing something in between.

You’re probably using them more if you’re younger. But older people are often more active than you might think: over two thirds are on Facebook, and more than a third of people 50+ say they do Facebook posts regularly.

Even if you’re only posting every now and then, though, you’re leaving a record of your activities and your life. And most of that is information that prospective employers can see.

Okay, so try this: Google yourself. Just type your name in online search. First, just type in your name, and see what comes up. Then, type in your first and last name, and put them in quotes. You should get reasonably similar results. If you need to, add some more keywords to identify yourself.

If you want more information about what others see, ask a friend to Google you, too. Different people can get different results.

Now, think about what you’ve learned from taking JUMP. Does anything that comes up that reminds other people about your best-loved skills, and the knowledges you enjoy the most? If not, maybe you should be posting more about them.

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