Our Mission

eParachute is dedicated to helping people around the world to have the tools they need to find or create meaningful work. We want to help you answer these key questions:

WHAT are your best-loved skills & interests?

WHERE can you find or create that work opportunity?

HOW can you find or create that work?


"eParachute showed me I was in the right industry but also helped me recognize what position I should be searching for. "  See Deep's Profile.


"eParachute was very helpful! And there were job listings that I am qualified for now!. "  See Lia's Profile.


"I wish I had this when I just graduated, I was so lost about what to do next then. "  See Deborah's Profile.


"I was really surprised and impressed by the results I was given!. "  See Jesse's Profile.

Our Founders

eParachute was co-founded by:

Eric Barnett, world-class software architect. Creator of eParachute's applications. Experienced leader of software design & development teams for leading brands & companies, including Pfizer, City of Los Angeles Recreation & Parks, Thompson Financial, KPMG, AARP, The Golden Globes

Gary A. Bolles, who also serves as the Chair for the Future of Work for Singularity University, and has 9 courses on LinkedIn Learning with over 1 million learners. Gary was trained as a career counselor as a teenager in the methods of Parachute.

Richard N. Bolles (1927-2017), best-selling author of What Color Is Your Parachute?, the world's enduring career manual.