eParachute offer coaches and career counselors the opportunity to use our career decision-making tools with clients to quickly gain helpful insights and launch into a dialog about next steps in career development - or to help them develop an entire career plan, and to learn a process that can be used again and again.

Our courses and tools can be purchased as a reseller, as an affiliate, or in bulk as a partner.

Become a Reseller

eParachute offers coaches, career counselors, and consultants the opportunity to purchase bundles of access codes, along with an administrative interface for assigning codes to individuals. A Reseller account offers a high level of control and oversight, as well as volume discount opportunities.

Become an Affiliate

eParachute offers an affiliate program for coaches and counselors looking to provide eParachute's tools and courses to their constituencies at a discount.

Become a Partner

For consulting organizations looking to provide subsidized access for their clients, eParachute offers significant discount volume pricing, course catalog importing for educational institutions, co-branding, and limited customization on request.

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Quick Career Tool for Clients

For those who are looking to help students with quick insights, eParachute's online tool uses a "card sort" to explore best-loved skills and interests. This tool is helpful for high school students, college freshmen and sophomores, or students about to launch into the world of work.

Students begin by indicating dream jobs or fields they suspect they may enjoy. Our online tool identifies and prioritizes the user's most loved people environments, fields, and skills then based upon the results matches the user to job recommendation with a wealth of information from median salary, job responsibilities, the type of people the user would be working with, and the level of education generally needed to pursue the job. Users are able to explore college majors and courses associated with jobs they find interesting as well as search job listings in the users own area.

Our application will expedite the career discovery process and allow you to quickly launch into the next steps to discovering the best educational and career choices for your users.

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Career Planning Course for Clients

Our Career-Planning Course can be used to help your clients chart a career path, by understanding their best-loved skills and other attributes, which they can use to plan their next career move.

The What Color Is Your Parachute? Career Course takes career decision-makers through the What, Where, and How of career planning.

  • What: The 7 aspects of you - Preferred People Environment, Preferred Workplace Environment, Best-loved Special Knowledges, Best-loved Skills, Geographical Preferences, Salary Preferences, and Purpose.
  • Where: The scenarios for future work.
  • How: The mechanics for finding or creating that work.

Millions of people around the world have found that those who learn these methods learn a process they can use again and again throughout their career.

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