eParachute Udemy Course For Readers of Parachute 2019: $29.99

eParachute is excited to announce a partnership with the esteemed learning platform Udemy.

We've been trying for ages to find some way to make Dick's famous workshop available to job counselors, job hunters, and people searching for their dream. We've finally done it. Hours of videos (all with Dick Bolles), oodles of handouts and exercises, loads of fresh insights. The course will be available for either individuals or groups to do in their own time, at their own pace -- wherever they are in the world.

And since the course is hosted on Udemy, it also comes with complete access to a mobile app where you can access the course offline, from anywhere.

The course (a $125 value) is regularly offered on eParachute for $49. But we are pleased to offer a special price of $29.99 exclusively to readers who want to use it along with What Color Is Your Parachute 2019.

Click here to enroll at this special price.