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Give the Gift of Self-Inventory

After the holidays comes the new year, a time for many people to think about what will make the next year even better than the previous one. So why not jump in with a present that can help young and old to envision a more fulfilling future? Give the gift of self-inventory, with eParachute.


For high school students, it’s an opportunity to learn more about themselves. Taking a few minutes can bring the important insight that their unique skills and other attributes can be connected to college majors they might never have considered.


For college students, it’s a way to think in new ways about what they’ve already learned, and what might be the most interesting and exciting things to learn in their remaining time in school.


For those who are approaching college graduation, self-inventory is the first critical step into the world of work, helping them to take inventory of their knowledges and experience, and to consider work options that might never have occurred to them.


For relatives and friends who’ve been working for years or decades, it’s a valuable opportunity to synthesize all they’ve done and learned, and to re-assemble those skills and knowledges into a variety of new opportunities that could provide more meaningful work.


Whatever the time of life or work circumstances, taking a few minutes to gain new insights into what makes each of us unique, and how those characteristics and experiences can translate into a new role in the world of work, is a gift that keeps on giving long into the future.



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December 3, 2018 00:46 PST


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December 14, 2018 04:59 PST


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