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NEW: A 2-day Workshop for Coaches, Counselors and Career Changers in Long Beach, Calif., Oct. 3-4, 2017

Imagine taking two days to explore your next career move, or to learn how to help your career counseling clients - taught by two of the country’s experts on career decision-making and the future of work. Click here to learn more.

For more than 40 years, the most effective approach to career decision-making was developed by Dick Bolles in “the job-hunter’s bible,”  What Color Is Your Parachute? Yet no sanctioned Parachute workshops for career changers, and for counseling and coaching professionals, have been delivered for years - until now.

At this pilot two-day workshop, Career Changers will learn how to make major changes in their work, with special breakout sessions for those focused on their own personal career development.

Career Counselors and Coaches will learn the tools they need to deliver the best value to their client populations - and gain Continuing Education Units in the process.

The workshop will be led by Deeta Lonergan, M.Ed., longtime Trainer, Facilitator,

Career Counselor and Coach with extensive experience in talent and career management. She has used "Parachute" as the core of her work in teaching undergraduate and graduate credit classes at the community college and university level, as well as career development seminars for businesses and organizations. Currently she works with individuals and facilitates group workshops in her business, Career Transitions, based in Anchorage, AK.

Co-presenting will be Gary A. Bolles, co-founder of eParachute.com. A longtime Silicon Valley lecturer and writer, with a special focus on the future of work, Gary was trained in his father’s methods at the age of 19.

Together, Deeta and Gary will lead an intensive, interactive two-day workshop that will meld the latest techniques from Parachute with the information that professionals need to help themselves, and their clients, navigate a rapidly-changing world of work.

Learn Official Parachute Methods & Flower Exercises


Master the 3 Core Principles of WCIYP

WHAT - Uncover skills that you most enjoy using

WHERE - Where to apply your skills 

HOW - Learn the most effective search techniques


Inventory of Skills and Traits Exercsies


Identifying / Differentiating the 3 Different Types of Skills

Personal Traits / Qualities

Functional / Transferable

Special Knowledges


Your Ideal People Environment - Whom Do You Work Best With?


Explore The Future of Work with Gary Bolles 

What’s your “portfolio of work”?

The changing landscape for coaches & counselors 


Uncovering Geographic Preferences


Your Job Search - Tactics & Techniques

Informational Interviewing

Practice FIeld Survey 

Employment Interviewing


Networking & Your Professional Contacts


How Jobs Are Created / Advertised



Salary Negotiations

Early bird pricing for the workshop is $495. Register now before the price increases to $995. Click here to learn more.


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